Mayor Bob Woerner

Bob Woerner served as a Livermore City Council member from 2012 to 2020, including as Vice-Mayor from 2017 to 2020. In 2020 Woerner was elected as Livermore’s Mayor.

  • While running for Mayor in 2020, Woerner accepted over $19,000 from developers, contractors, and unions, and now as mayor is making decisions favorable to those special interest groups. The City Council removed the $250 campaign donation limit in September 2017, allowing him to accept these donations. The donations came from Gradetech, the Sheet Metal Workers Union, U.A. Local Union, Sprinkler Fitters Union, IBEW Local, Greenville Road Land Company, California Real Estate PAC, Shea Homes, and Ponderosa Homes.
  • While running for Mayor in 2020, Woerner campaigned on and promised to seek a “win-win” for the downtown development by looking at alternatives. After he won the election, he dropped this promise and claimed alternatives weren’t feasible. Even though Save Livermore Downtown has presented plans that demonstrate alternatives are feasible, the Mayor and Council have ignored them, and pushed the constantly changing-for-worse Eden project forward.
  • While Vice-Mayor, in June 2018, Woerner voted to approve the downtown Legacy Apartments project, even though it violated the city’s approved list of downtown priorities (which he also voted to approve), and violated what the people stated in the 2017 Downtown Outreach.
  • During the December 7, 2020 City Council meeting discussing Eden Housing’s new plans with larger buildings, Woerner mocked the public speakers in opposition saying “Does anybody think anymore, I think that’s uh, that should be our mantra.” (At 1:59:40 of Youtube video)